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About us

We are your Tanning Specialists!

We are recognized for our first class indoor tanning (UV-Tanning & Spray-Tan): services and products (since 1985 in Frankfurt/Germany). Our Chromo Synthesis Patent: "Choose your Color (Brazilian / Caribbean / Chocolate & Espresso,) is here to give you, your desired instant color.

Bei only 1 Spray-Tan session, you get a very natural, glamorous & sexy dream-tanning, without exposing yourself to the radioactivity (UVA + B).

The advantage of our Spray-Tanning is without UVA + B for following cases:

1) Particularly for those who belong to the very sensitive skin-types (1 + 2) and who have very low levels of melanin, the UVA + B Tanning, burns themselves again and again and they never getting really brown, our Spray Tan is really the ideal solution for that! Because in only 1 session you get a very natural-dark tan, for approximately 7-10 days if you shower once at day!

2) In general, our Spray-Tan is an ideal and fast solution, if you like an quick tan, means instantly now up to max. in 4 hours exable in cases like for a: wedding / fashion show / music clip / event / TV show/ going out ... etc)

Choose your desired color and we will take you to it in about 15min.You will see the full color

Choose your desired color and we will take you to your dream, color in about 15min. You will see directly the preliminary color, under your skin the DHA works within 3-4 hours. Take after 3-4 hours your shower, or sweat or exercise!

Now you see the right result! Your tan is our mission so we care for you!

That's what they said about us

Specialized solarium institute. It is different because it has Mega Sun technology, which provides the possibility of dermophysiological measurements. So, depending on your skin, you have your own tanning schedule for the duration of the session and the intensity of the color. We loved it because it does not dehydrate the skin and the hue is natural
Beauty Talk

Celebrities are made like chocolate here! Celebs go for a solarium to have a wonderful winter-summer bronze skin! Which solarium do they prefer? The top! The reason for Easy Sun Solarium and its innovative High End technology.
Espesso Press

This year is the year of easySun, Solarium Hellas, which is actively starting to expand its activities and products with its new easySun, Spray stores. Already opened the company's second store, easySun, Spray in Glyfada where 2 innovative, very handy products are available.
Franchise Success

The solarium is a solution, but Easy Sun is better. Because in this tanning salon, with 5 state-of-the-art machines, depending on the result you want, you are tanning fast and safely. Also, do not be surprised if a person celebrity comes in or out before you. "Down Town" easySun as the Main Sponsor of the OM1018k1 POLYPHON SOUND-PROJECT will be present at the Summer Tour 2019 in Germany. Here you can get more Informations about the OM1018k1 Simbiotic Ethnnik Project: