Deep Darkest Color
Get an very dark Brazilian instant Color

Golden Dark Color
Get an golden dark Caribbean instant Color

Chocolate Color
Get an Chocolate Braun instant Color

Caramell Color
Get an Fast & Smooth Caramel instant Color

... the right tan for you only at easySun!


Total Body - Tanning 39,- €
only Face & Dekollte 15,- €
only Legs 19,- €
only Upper Body 25,- €
10x Card Total Body Tanning 349,- €
Teenie Price ( all u18 ) Full Body Tan 25,- €

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Is Spray-Tan dangerous to the skin?

Our easySun Spray-Tan Lotion is as healthy as a moisturizer it. It contains natural DHA, aloe vera, nutrients, diverse vitamins, antioxidants so it nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates your skin.

How is the color of the tan? Natural, artificial or orange (as the usual self-tanner)?

The easySun Spray-Tan, are produced only with the highest quality of ingredients and uses an ensure natural luxurious golden bronzing. So your skin looks just dream tanned! Very natural, glamorous & sexy without exposing yourself to the radioactivity (UVA+B) and not sun-burnt by the sun and without dehydration and other damages of your skin.

What does a treatment cost?

When we are in your town, plz have an look above at our regular price list

What should I wear during treatment?

Not much! your under-pants or a bikini / swim-suit. If possible dark and loose clothes.

How long does 1 spray-tan session takes?

The application time of your glamorous easySun Spray-Tan, takes aprox. 15 Minutes. After you will smell nice and you can go for shopping, coffee, drink or even for you photo shooting (if you don’t sweat) a.o.

What should I care about before I get to the treatment?

For a long lasting of your luxurious&golden easySun Spray-Tan, you can use a peeling one day before to remove unnecessary skin remnants. On the day of the treatment plz take a shower and don’t use creams, body lotions, makeup, parfum, deodorant etc. Your skin must be completely free from foreign substances. If possible, wear dark, loose clothes, as the tanning can be dyed until the first shower, so your skin will be protected from friction after the application.

What should i do after the treatment?

The easySun Spray-Tan Lotion has to work under your skin for 4-6 hours. Until then, you shouldn't take a shower, or don’t sweat and avoid sports. At the first shower, the excess color is then rinsed off, so please do not be frightened if the shower water is dark – but your tan will stay + last long! Now regular hydration is advisable for the durability of your tan. If you have something to do and you don't have time to wait 6 hours, you can choose out our express product which work under your skin and after 2 hours you can take your shower.

How long does the tan last?

Depending on the type of your skin, your easySun Spray-Tan will last aprox. 7-10 days. It depends, on how often you take shower, how much you exercise, whether you perspire much or less and whether if you use our lengthening body hydrating lotion, etc.

Does the spray-tan cause allergic reactions?

Our easySun Spray-Tan Lotion-products are created on a purely natural basis, but allergy sufferers sometimes react to them. We can test a small spot on your skin so that you can go safely. Plz ask us for it!